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Garage Door Safety Tips that Customers Must to Remember !


Handy Tips regarding Garage Door Safety:


Only buy doors that  from a supplier or Garage Door Pros that is happy  to share their testing documentation

Also, ask for proof that installers are fullyinsuredfor public liability.Below is a summary of the main requirements that you should demand of your supplier when buying new doors and this can serve as a checklist for existing doors on your property

Safeguarding against dropping of vertically operating doors


This requirement states that doors must be designed so that a failure in the suspension system (typically springs) will not result in the door dropping uncontrollably. Properly designed doors achieve this by employing an anti-drop device or multiple springs so that the failure of one does not result in door falling with a guillotine effect.


Tip: Ask potential suppliers for documentation showing that their doors have passed this crucial safety test. Testing must be carried out by an independent.Resistance to wind load.Doors must be rated according to their capacity to resist wind as doors damaged in this way pose an immediate danger. This is especially important for doors with a large surface area.

Tip: Ask door suppliers for their wind load data.

Uncontrolled movement


The door should have a brake or balance system that automatically engages when the door movement is stopped in any position. The closing edge of the door should never exert force , even after a motor or spring failure.


Check your doors. A properly balanced door will stay in the same position at any point along its travel, not just the open or closed position. Ask potential suppliers if they can assure that this regulation will be met to prevent uncontrolled movement that can cause damage.


Closing Gaps

Mechanical features of the door must be designed to prevent the risk of cutting, crushing or shearing during the operation of the door. Gaps should be designed out of the door or guarded with suitable warnings if this has not been achieved. For example, holes for locking devices should be guarded so that the door itself does not become a heavy shear.



Ask your potential supplier if their doors are compliant with design features to prevent dangerous gaps, particularly areas where fingers could become entrapped. Look at doors on your property for potential problems.

The Machinery Directive

When a door is automated, it is classed as a machine under the machinery directive. To safely control such a large, heavy object, door openers must be equipped with features which will stop the door before any damage can occur. This is generally achieved via sensitive reversing systems or non-contact photo-eyes which stop the door before a person or obstruction is touched.


Ask your supplier to see the "Declaration of Conformity" for the door opener.

Well designed doors will give you 10-15 years or more of reliable service and cost little or nothing over doors that may put users at risk and affect your insurance coverage.
All products must be tested by supplier.



Purchase doors and openers from Garage Door PROS ONLY and NOT  from Any "handy man" !!!!!




How to choice Best rated Garage Door Opener ?


How to choice Best rated Garage Door Opener

There are several garage door opener companies on the market. Many of them are quite comparable. Consumer reviews consider three things when rating these garage motors including sound, reliability and warrantees. Here are some of the best-rated products on the market today.

Chamberlain Whisper Drive: This product is named the whisper drive because it is so quiet. Don’t confuse the silence with lack of power. This motor is strong and has a long lifetime span. It is also easy to install for a novice do-it yourself homeowner.

Genie H6000A-2K: This model is not as quiet as the Chamberlain Whisper, but is much quieter than most chain drive models. It is also less expensive than the “silent” openers. It also comes with an infrared safety feature.

Chamberlain PD752D: This garage opener is the best for heavy duty doors. It is twice as powerful as the average motor. It also features an exceptional 10     year warranty that will help homeowners to feel more secure about their garage door motor purchase.


           Garage doors Residential and Commercial Commercial Garage Door Repairs




Garage doors  specializes in the supply of Residential and Commercial


Garage Door Repairs. Whether you're interested in

purchasing a new garage door for your home or business or need to replace or repair your existing garage door or Replace Broken Springs or ReplaceGarage Door or Get New Garage Door Installation , we can help !


We can supply you directly from a range of the Best Residential and

Commercial products in a variety of styles and colors to enhance any

residential or commercial property.

We have a full line of garage door styles available for your home at

competitive prices. Our garage door product line includes Traditional

Steel, Traditional Plus, Traditional Max, Steel Carriage House, Premier

Steel Carriage House and Wood Carriage House. Each has a variety of

styles and options available so you can create the perfect garage door

solution for your needs.

With 15 years of experience, our professional garage door repair

technician will service and repair all types of garage doors and garage


Door openers Gates and Broken Springs . Contact us for Garage Door


Repair Competitively Priced services, offering skilled work on all garage

Door brands. and SPECIAL We offer FREE service calls to ALL our customers with repairs - Up To $49.95 value !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this article you will find how we are your residential garage door

Installation and repair specialists:

A garage door has two basic parts: the Door and the Door Opener. The

doors can either be a roll-up, sliding or tilt-up type, built within the

garage door frame. All of these types operate through spring tensions and

metal tracks attached to the garage walls. Meanwhile garage door openers are typically the same - they consist of a carriage and a drawbar powered by a reversible motor. Garage door openers are activated by an open and close switch or via a remote control device which allows the driver to open the garage door while inside the car.

Most of us never think of the work our garage door does - lifting and

closing a large door every day, over and over again.. The truth is, your

garage door opener really doesn't do much work, because of a physics

helper, the spring! Springs are used as the door is lowered, and the

springs are stretched out (the motor literally pushes the garage door

down). When it is time to lift the door, the springs do 95% of the work

as they recoil and pull the door back up, leaving the garage door motor

to do little more than wind up the loose cable or chain. This is why most

garage door openers are rated at only 1/2 to 1 horse power - it doesn't

take much power to lift up a garage door that is being pulled up by

stretched springs

We AVAILABLE  24Hr  365  Days + Same day service ! and we ready to get your problem handled FAST !

1. We accommodate your schedule. That means being available when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Each of our technicians is highly trained.

3. We perform a thorough Five Star Service Inspection.

4. Our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers both

parts and service.

5. We offer customized SAVINGS designed to meet your needs.

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Our Garage door repairs services Include:

* Broken Cables * Broken Rollers * Broken Hinges * Off Track Doors * Opener problems Repair
* New Openers and Garage Door Installation * Remotes Replacement * Broken Torsion Springs



If the Garage Door Torsion Spring is Broken.. ?



If the Garage Door Torsion Spring is Broken and we have Two Springs on The Garage Door do we need Replace just one or Both ?

If your Garage Door big enough, or heavy enough, to require two torsion springs- you definitely want to replace both of them at the same time to save a lot of repair dollars in the near future.
As the torsion springs wear out, or fatigue, they will no longer be able to properly counter-balance the weight of the garage door. This means the door will be getting heavier and heavier as the springs fatigue. Unfortunately, if you have a broken torsion spring already- this has been happening for the last few weeks or months.
Why is this a problem ?
Most garage door openers manufactured in the last 15-20 years have become more and more dependent on plastic or nylon parts. They are designed to simply “guide” the door up and down- not push or pull it. The manufactures know that if your garage door is running perfectly- smooth that the opener will function for years. But if there is an issue like the door is heavy or the rollers are plastic- and have no bearings- the opener will slowly be destroyed and the homeowner will have to replace it…maybe with one of theirs!
So if you have a Broken Spring, here are some Reasons why you would want to replace both of the springs at the same time, rather than just the one that is broken.
1. If you have one broken torsion spring, the other one is definitely fatigued! To the point where if you only replace the broken spring and reset the torsion system- the garage door will not be properly balanced! The garage door is still going to be heavy because the other spring is fatigued and not doing its job. Therefore, the opener will be working overtime, or not at all, to open and close the garage door.

 2. Most likely, you will be calling out the service company again in the very near future to replace the other spring when it breaks! This means twice the amount of service calls, time to meet technician.

 3. Most times it will be cheaper to replace two springs at once, rather than one spring on two separate occasions

Call Today for More Information and FREE ESTIMATES !



Garage Door Remote Control and Garage Openers



A combination of affordable prices along with a desire for increased security have seen motorised and automated garage doors with hand held or wall mounted remote control units become the norm.Virtually every kind of garage door can be modified with a simple conversion kit to enable powered opening and closing of the garage door. Lighting and security features can also be linked in with the doors remote operation.

The garage door types most suitable for remote automation are those based on the following operation mechanisms, roller (drum), sectional, up-and-over (retractable) and sliding garage doors. A pair of side hinged garage doors can be operated remotely, but they use a very different system to the roller, sliding and sectional garaged doors. Even a canopy style up-and-over garage door can be modified for motorised operation - although this is a more complex conversion.

Garage Door Openers.Most garage doors are available with a manufacturer's or supplier's option for automation and remote control. When this is the case, the manufacturers recommended product will usually be the most suitable. However, if you wish to do some research of your own, here are some tips.

All modern garage door power units use electric motors and the majority will work from dc current that needs to be hard wired from a mains power supply. Any other option should be discounted.When it comes to energy costs, it is important to check the motors power usage during "standby mode" as this will be the case for well over 99.9 percent of the motors life. Some motors may have low running costs when in full operation, but higher residual standby consumptions that will, over time, incur a higher energy charge.

Available drive systems for use with garage doors (i.e. the means of transferring the motor's energy into a pushing or pulling force) are chain, belt and screw (shaft) drive. Chain drive is widely regarded as the most efficient, the most reliable and robust, and the quietest of the alternatives. Most garage door motors will use a chain drive.

Other important automation features to look out for are "soft start and soft stop" operation. This feature ensures that the movement of the door in opening and closing starts and finishes in a slow and controlled way. The main door transition (middle) phase will however take place more rapidly. This ensures a smooth, quiet and low-stress operation of the garage door which extends the life of both the motor and the door gear.Safety issues are very important with motorized garage doors. For this reason it is important to buy an automation system that uses some kind of learning or detection system to interrupt the doors transit if an obstacle is encountered. Options available include "self learning" protection where the system learns to recognise its normal transition between an open and closed state and cuts-off power if there is an obstruction to its movement. Sensory detectors that use light or lasers are the other main alternative. Most automation kits will include the "self learning" feature.A manual override facility is an important feature in the event of a power failure. However, it is important that this feature is available in a secure way that does not allow unauthorised override for the purpose of a "break-in"Remote control  of a garage door can be achieved with either a portable handheld unit, or a small wall mounted unit.Nearly all automated garage door kits include two coded radio control remotes with rolling code to prevent unauthorised access to the systems security codes. These remotes are very small and many are designed to be used a key fobs. This way they are always with the car keys.Most remotes have a simple open and close twin button arrangement although some models may include additional controls for garage lighting. Garage remote control units run off regular or miniature "button (watch style) batteries.

If you want to compare the advanatges of a manual and motorised garage door, see this page manual versus powered garage door operation.Remote control (wall mounted).Wall mounted remote control units are rarely included in motorized garage door conversion kits. The main reason for this is the inclusion of the more convenient handheld remotes. However, a fixed remote unit can be very useful inside a garage, particularly when pedestrian access out of an integral garage is required and the mobile remote is left in the main house.

Wall mounted remote control units can only be located inside the garage (for security reasons) and they are hard-wired to the main electricity supply circuit. A numeric keypad can be used externally allowing only authorised access.



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