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The Garage Door problems start with little noise. The track is knocked out of alignment. A cable starts to fray. Moisture attacking the rollers or hinges. Old age works on the torsion springs. The garage door opener needs lubrication...

When Garage doors working properly, appear to be light and can be raised with little effort. This is a dangerous illusion. In fact, the door can weigh several hundred pounds and can inflict serious injury if you're not careful.

Majority of the people never stop to think about how many times a day that garage door goes up and down- and the truth is, the springs that do the majority of the lifting will fail sometime down the road.

You might notice a loud crack or pinging sound when a spring breaks. Or, you might just notice that your double door goes up very slowly.

Rollers and track adjustment aren't difficult but again having a pro come in and inspect the whole system makes good sense. During the inspection any routine maintenance like adjustment and lubrication can be done at that time .We can fix almost every brand of opener including  Overhead brand (even the Overhead Legacy model), Genie, Marantec, Wayne Dalton, Craftsman, Chamberlain and of course, the LiftMaster brand. If you are having any garage door opener problems, give us a call and we'll get a technician out there today.​We are bonded and insured and guarantee our work and materials.We specialize in repairing / replacing Broken Garage Door Springs, Torsion Springs, Noisy Garage Door Openers, Spooled Cables, Worn Out Rollers, Tubes, Bent Tracks, Sections, Cracked Door Panels, Struts, Garage Door Openers, Motors, Remotes & many more.

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