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Our company will install all types / Brands of Garage OVERHEAD Door and garage door openers  is just a phone call away ! 

All of Garage Doors are made from various gauges of steel. There are three types of steel doors: non-insulated, vinyl back polystyrene insulated, steel back sandwich polystyrene and polyurethane insulated doors. Price variations take into account overall quality, size, insulation quality and warranty provided.Factors to weigh in considering which door to buy include: cost, R-value, structural integrity, safety, and aesthetics. Non-insulated detached garages do well with hollow steel doors, or insulated to resist impact of basket balls and other objects.  Do you have a bonus room above your garage? If so, we would recommend the higher R-value door -polyurethane insulated door with an R Value of 17.50.We repair, fix and install all types of residential & commercial garage openers and garage door opener devices from leading garage door opener manufacturers including: Sears, Genie, Chamberlain, Stanley and Liftmaster. We have a lot of experience with garage door installation. We have a wide inventory of parts. The springs and  all the parts we use for installation are 100% BRAND NEW DOORS and NOT CHEAP USED PARTS. These high-quality galvanized torsion springs are some of the best in the industry. Our technicians can install any automatic opener and garage overhead door currently available on the market.


Sectional Overhead Garage Doors are usually the largest moving component in OUR homes.   With proper regular maintenance, inspection and care, sectional overhead garage doors are usually very reliable, safe and functional. As with any mechanical device, sometimes things happen that can cause problems, resulting in the need for garage door repair or service.  Doors get closed down on unforgiving items, things get caught up in the track and cable systems, vehicles run into the door or it could just be a wear and tear problem or a maintenance issue.


Typical garage door problems vary in their cause:


























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