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                                                             Garage Door Inspection Maintenance

                                                      Loose Brackets ,Worn Cables , Broken Spring ,Pinched Fingers......and  more



The 17-point biannual  Inspection service can keep your maintenance costs low and make the overhead garage doors working smoothly and efficiently !


We provide a comprehensive maintenance services that ensures your garae doors and garage openers systems run smoothly and efficiently throughout the years. In fact the annual inspection can extend the life of Garage Doors  by up to 70% !







  • Inspection and alignment of track 

  • Inspection/ maintenance of drums 

  • Inspection/ maintenance of cables 

  • Adjustment and lubrication of springs 

  • Inspection and replacement of panels 

  • Level and balance door 

  • Roller lubrication and inspection 

  • Inspection and lubrication of bearings 

  • Inspection and securing all hardware 

  • Inspection and setting all operator limits 

  • Testing of sensor eyes 

  • Testing and setting of up and down force 

  • Inspection of dock leveler welds and mounts 

  • Testing and maintaining leveler pumps and fluids

  • Inspection of dock seals

  • Inspection of dock bumpers

  • Maintenance of truck restraint systems

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