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How to choice Best rated Garage Door Opener

How to choice Best rated Garage Door Opener

There are several garage door opener companies on the market. Many of them are quite comparable. Consumer reviews consider three things when rating these garage motors including sound, reliability and warrantees. Here are some of the best-rated products on the market today.

Chamberlain Whisper Drive: This product is named the whisper drive because it is so quiet. Don`t confuse the silence with lack of power. This motor is strong and has a long lifetime span. It is also easy to install for a novice do-it yourself homeowner.

Genie H6000A-2K: This model is not as quiet as the Chamberlain Whisper, but is much quieter than most chain drive models. It is also less expensive than the ?silent? openers. It also comes with an infrared safety feature.

Chamberlain PD752D: This garage opener is the best for heavy duty doors. It is twice as powerful as the average motor. It also features an exceptional 10 year warranty that will help homeowners to feel more secure about their garage door motor purchase

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