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If the Garage Door Torsion Spring is Broken and we have Two Springs on The Garage Door do we need Re

If the Garage Door Torsion Spring is Broken and we have Two Springs on The Garage Door do we need Replace just one or Both ?

If your Garage Door big enough, or heavy enough, to require two torsion springs- you definitely want to replace both of them at the same time to save a lot of repair dollars in the near future. As the torsion springs wear out, or fatigue, they will no longer be able to properly counter-balance the weight of the garage door. This means the door will be getting heavier and heavier as the springs fatigue. Unfortunately, if you have a broken torsion spring already- this has been happening for the last few weeks or months.

Why is this a problem ?

Most garage door openers manufactured in the last 15-20 years have become more and more dependent on plastic or nylon parts. They are designed to simply ?guide? the door up and down- not push or pull it. The manufactures know that if your garage door is running perfectly- smooth that the opener will function for years. But if there is an issue like the door is heavy or the rollers are plastic- and have no bearings- the opener will slowly be destroyed and the homeowner will have to replace it?maybe with one of theirs! So if you have a Broken Spring, here are some Reasons why you would want to replace both of the springs at the same time, rather than just the one that is broken.

1. If you have one broken torsion spring, the other one is definitely fatigued! To the point where if you only replace the broken spring and reset the torsion system- the garage door will not be properly balanced! The garage door is still going to be heavy because the other spring is fatigued and not doing its job. Therefore, the opener will be working overtime, or not at all, to open and close the garage door.

2. Most likely, you will be calling out the service company again in the very near future to replace the other spring when it breaks! This means twice the amount of service calls, time to meet technician. 3. Most times it will be cheaper to replace two springs at once, rather than one spring on two separate occasions

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