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Garage Door Safety Tips that Customers Must to Remember !

Handy Tips regarding Garage Door Safety:

Only buy doors that from a supplier or Garage Door Pros that is happy to share their testing documentation

Also, ask for proof that installers are fullyinsuredfor public liability.Below is a summary of the main requirements that you should demand of your supplier when buying new doors and this can serve as a checklist for existing doors on your property

Safeguarding against dropping of vertically operating doors

This requirement states that doors must be designed so that a failure in the suspension system (typically springs) will not result in the door dropping uncontrollably. Properly designed doors achieve this by employing an anti-drop device or multiple springs so that the failure of one does not result in door falling with a guillotine effect.

Tip: Ask potential suppliers for documentation showing that their doors have passed this crucial safety test. Testing must be carried out by an independent.Resistance to wind load.Doors must be rated according to their capacity to resist wind as doors damaged in this way pose an immediate danger. This is especially important for doors with a large surface area. Tip: Ask door suppliers for their wind load data.

Uncontrolled movement

The door should have a brake or balance system that automatically engages when the door movement is stopped in any position. The closing edge of the door should never exert force , even after a motor or spring failure. Tip:

Check your doors. A properly balanced door will stay in the same position at any point along its travel, not just the open or closed position. Ask potential suppliers if they can assure that this regulation will be met to prevent uncontrolled movement that can cause damage.

Closing Gaps

Mechanical features of the door must be designed to prevent the risk of cutting, crushing or shearing during the operation of the door. Gaps should be designed out of the door or guarded with suitable warnings if this has not been achieved. For example, holes for locking devices should be guarded so that the door itself does not become a heavy shear.


Ask your potential supplier if their doors are compliant with design features to prevent dangerous gaps, particularly areas where fingers could become entrapped. Look at doors on your property for potential problems.

The Machinery Directive

When a door is automated, it is classed as a machine under the machinery directive. To safely control such a large, heavy object, door openers must be equipped with features which will stop the door before any damage can occur. This is generally achieved via sensitive reversing systems or non-contact photo-eyes which stop the door before a person or obstruction is touched. Tip:

Ask your supplier to see the "Declaration of Conformity" for the door opener. Well designed doors will give you 10-15 years or more of reliable service and cost little or nothing over doors that may put users at risk and affect your insurance coverage.All products must be tested by supplier.

Purchase doors and openers from Garage Door PROS ONLY and NOT from Any "handy man" !!!!!

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